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How IoT Device Makers and Service Clouds Can Build-In Flexibility at Minimal Cost to Quickly Adapt to Customer's Evolving Needs

If you’re a designer of consumer or industrial hardware devices, an enormous change is coming. The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to spawn completely new businesses and services, and to fundamentally refashion how you make money.

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  • How IoT device makers and service clouds can build in flexibility at minimal cost to quickly adapt to customers’ evolving needs;
  • Why agility is so important when implementing IoT;
  • The value of Data Intelligence.

Download Ayla's new white paper on winning market share for the Internet of Things! The only way you’ll be in a position to out-maneuver your competitors will be through the use of agile development methodologies, supported by ready-made Agile IoT platforms.

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