Higher Revenues and Customer Experience with the Right IoT Platform

- A Case Study -


From boosting efficiency to reducing costs and gaining a competitive edge, IoT is widely seen as the future for manufactured products. While it is an enormous leap for manufacturers to go from producing traditional standalone products to ones that connect to the internet, the end result is that you must deliver a superior user experience throughout the product lifecycle.

So, does it make more business sense to build or buy an IoT platform and its complementary services? On this webinar, hear directly from two companies that underwent this decision-making process and learn what benefits have been reaped from their decision.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The difference between building your own IoT platform and buying one. 
  • The importance of having expertise in all the necessary areas of technology and support. 
  • Why it is crucial in an IoT environment to provide exceptional support at launch and beyond
Fill the form to join Ayla Networks, Plumchoice, and our joint customers Cambridge Sound Management and Nightingale to get answers to the most common questions manufacturers must consider before deciding whether to build their own IoT platform.

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