Driving IoT-Led Business Transformation


Google Cloud Platform is renowned for its application enablement, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics capabilities. Now, businesses can choose to tap directly into these powerful GCP capabilities to:

  • Achieve fast time to market by taking advantage of Ayla Networks’ broad connectivity options and uncomplicated device virtualization and management features.
  • Scale connected device deployments securely and with high reliability.
  • Attain rapid time to business value by leveraging Ayla Networks’ flexible data pipeline along with GCP’s powerful application enablement options, both native and partner-based.

The integration’s benefits work both ways, as well. For GCP, Ayla Networks’ device connectivity, virtualization, and management technologies round out a compelling end-to-end IoT solution that will lead to faster time to market and increased business value for companies launching connected products.

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