The Importance of
Bluetooth & Mobile Applications
in the IoT

Thanks to the widespread consumer adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices, manufacturers now have a protocol agnostic IoT endpoint in the field with which they can connect their products. And the Bluetooth protocol - and especially Bluetooth low energy (BLE) - is ideally suited for wireless communications by devices that require extremely low power consumption or may not be within range of a Wi-Fi signal.

That definition fits plenty of small IoT products, along with stand-alone sensors and actuators plus the class of devices known as beacons. For instance, beacons use BLE to broadcast small signals communicating "Here I am" to a receiver, typically a mobile app - which can trigger an action as soon as the mobile app comes into range of the beacon.

In this webinar, learn more about the kinds of products and IoT scenarios in which BLE enables end users to use mobile apps to control and interact with the connected products.

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