Daily IoT Workshops at CES 2018.

Our educational workshops will take place daily at 10am and 2pm, covering the topics listed below.


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Best Practices for IoT Security & Privacy
Sessions on Jan. 9th at 10am and Jan. 10th at 2pm.
While there’s no such thing as ‘IoT security’ as a separate discipline, the hyperconnected world of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes everything about data security and data privacy more confusing. This session is geared to bring to light some key aspects to consider as you navigate through the treacherous waters of IoT data security and data privacy. Join us as our speakers address some of the most common security and privacy concerns associated with connected devices.

Maximizing IoT Business Value
Session on Jan. 9th at 2pm and Jan. 11th at 10am.
For many manufacturers, the IoT appears as a shiny new opportunity, full of promise and possibilities. It’s important to remember that the benefits of IoT will take time to make up for the investments made, even if manufacturers take the best-practice approach of aiming for a minimally viable product (MVP) at the outset. Join us as our speakers explain where the best chance for IoT return on investment (ROI) lies, and how best to reach it.

The Importance of Interoperability in IoT
Session on Jan. 10th at 10am and Jan. 11th at 2pm.
The IoT has the potential to unleash unprecedented data-driven value in the form of cost savings and innovation. The sheer volume and velocity of manufacturers, service providers and tech companies racing to capture this new value speaks to the size of the opportunity. With so many players, the big question is, how will all of these devices, services, and technologies work together and interact to create this value? Join us as our speakers discuss interoperability and its importance to the future of IoT.

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